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Valhalla Media Advisors

Valhalla Advisors

Revenue Acceleration

Valhalla Advisors specialize in helping young companies develop winning strategies
to accelerate revenue and operational excellence. Our specialty is with start-ups, speed-ups and turn-arounds that are
looking for disciplined, proven approaches to meeting and exceeding their revenue and business objectives. We deliver faster growth with lower risk.

Customized programs to increase revenue and business productivity based on your individual needs.

We Specialize in:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Sales Strategy
  • Business Development
  • Marketing and Activation
  • Revenue Acceleration
  • Operational Design and Execution
  • Product Development
  • Sales Collateral
  • Interim Management
  • Investor Presentations
  • Content Strategy

Executive Summary

D. Scott Karnedy

0f1bf90Proven leader and metrics-driven architect of high performance sales organizations in both start-up and emerging business scenarios. Broad experience in strategy, building, managing, leading teams to achieve maximum revenue performance and organizational excellence.

  • Worked with top media and entertainment brands including XM Satellite Radio, AOL Time Warner, Clear Channel, Technicolor, Snagfilms and Indiewire.
  • Experience in both digital and traditional media platforms
  • Recruitment and development of talent and teams that excel in dynamic organizational environments.
  • Training of teams to excel in Strategic Account Management, Customer Focused Selling and CRM.
  • Proven track record of creating innovative strategies across multiple business categories.
  • Extensive experience in product development and financial modeling for new business lines.
  • Broad experience in local, regional, national, sales strategy.

Education / Training

  • Babson College – Rank#1 College in the Country: Money Magazine 2014
  • B.A., Major – Entrepreneurial Studies / Marketing and Communications
  • High Impact Management Training – The Gallup School of Management
  • Sales Executive Council – Washington, DC.
  • Trained Facilitator –Disney Institute for Creative Resources


A proven, disciplined approach to revenue acceleration.

  • Strategic Problem Solving – Understanding your issues
    • Strategic Problem Solving is a disciplined, proven approach to identifying and tackling the most important issues your company is facing today. It is the foundation for creating successful outcomes and delivering a path to revenue acceleration and organizational excellence. A certified facilitator will take you  through the assessment process step by step and work with your management team to create a detailed plan for success with measured results and KPIs.
  • Building a Strategic Sales Plan
    • This ‘end to end’ process brings the tools and techniques below together and delivers a strategic plan that will accelerate revenue growth and operational excellence.
      • Building a World Class Sales Organization
      • A well researched and detailed approach to building a first-class sales organization. It begins with a diagnostic tool to identify, prioritize and align management on the key issues you should be working on and then provides structure and process for accountability and achieving results. We then build a plan to move you from where you are today to creating a world- class sales organization that will meet and exceed top-line goals.
      • Ideal Seller Profile / Reducing the risk in hiring
      • All sales organizations are different based on the product they sell and the stage of the company’s maturity. Start-ups need a different type of seller than more mature companies. Hiring the wrong person is a costly endeavor. We have developed a disciplined approach to hiring that reduces your risk and accelerates your path to a world-class sales organization.
      • Market Positioning / Competitive Review
      • The concept of competitive advantage requires an understanding of your competition, their strengths, their shortcomings  (your opportunities) as compared to your products and strengths. We can also execute market research that provides perceptual/opinion based research on your company. Once we have established your current position in the market we move into establishing the position you want to hold.
      • Establishing your Sales Brand
      • What is a ‘brand’? It is the position a product holds in the ‘head’ and the ‘heart’ of a client or consumer. Successful sales organization should have an established ‘brand’ with their clients. We will help you build your USP’s and delineate your sales organization from your competition. We will collaborate with your sales management team to create a sales marketing plan that will drive your unique sales proposition and set you apart from all other sales organizations your clients come in contact with.
      • Sales Presentations & Collateral
      • Companies with great products need great sales collateral to accelerate revenue growth. With over 30 years of experience we will help create sales presentations that position your product in the best light as well as highlighting the sales organizations market position and ‘brand’.
      • Sales Compensation Plans
      • Sales compensation is a critical tool in hiring and retaining top sales talent. It is equally critical to compensate sellers for the type of work and actions that will drive performance and revenue growth based on company priorities. We have the experience and knowledge to help build compensation plans that align compensation and performance
      • Reporting and CRM
      • It is critical that once the sales strategy is built that the executive team, sales management, and the sales organization are aligned with the KPIs and goals that have been established. We work with your team to create the tools for tracking success. These tools run the gamut from simple weekly reporting to the installation of or other CRM tools.
  • Helping in Business Development
    • All great sales organizations have a defined, disciplined and scalable approach to business development. We will establish and install a proven approach with your sales organization and take your team to higher levels of performance with –
      • Strategic Account Management
      • The Strategic Account Management system (SAM) is a simple but extremely powerful tool to help sales people, sales managers, and the entire sales organization identify and focus on accounts with the greatest potential for growth.
      • Ideal Customer Profile / Increasing prospecting productivity
      • Great sales organizations are both fast and efficient in prospecting and setting target accounts. We will work with your team to develop tools to identify your ideal customers quickly and create an efficient process for your team’s prospecting efforts.
      • Sales Training
      • Companies need to have alignment within the sales organization, with sales support, with sales management and the Executive Team. We bring this alignment together through unique sales training with a clear understanding of the new standards and expectations established throughout our process. The net result is that everyone is aligned in goal setting, the strategy and tactics to get there, what are expected of them, and what they can expect from the company.
  • Developing Content Strategy for Revenue Optimization
    • In today’s complex media landscape, revenue opportunities take many forms and you may be leaving money on the table. We’ll help you optimize your available inventory and even identify additional opportunities for revenue through content.
      • Customer Related Strategies
      • We devise consumer experience strategies with emphasis on driving engagement and optimization of customer lifetime value thru brand relevance, audience profiling and gamification. We also set up optimization strategies for existing consumer experience across all touch-points.
      • Media Related Strategies
      • We conduct detailed consumer experience audit to identify key opportunities that drive engagement, viewership, brand recall and activation. Based on the findings of the study, we propose programming and content strategies to optimize your content platforms, engage your audience and drive activation. Simultaneously, we plan advertiser and sponsor integration strategies that fund your business while staying true to your brand and audience. We provide a variety of branded, sponsored, original, template and franchise content propositions
  • Leading Sales through times of Organizational Change
    • Change is inevitable when you strive for revenue acceleration and operational excellence. “Organizational change can kill people’s faith in the future. It can rip the heart out of an organization”. Supported by the renowned work by author Price Pritchett, we work with your sales management team to lead and manage through organizational change and uncertainty. The net result is energized employees, growth in productivity, increased job satisfaction, and strengthened teamwork.
  • Advisory Support
    • Valhalla Advisors helps you select the areas that are most important for the growth of your company and subsequently helps you through the process of ‘end to end’ strategic problem solving to accelerate that growth. We provide ongoing advisory support that can include ‘concierge’ type support, monthly reviews, management training, one-on-ones with sales management and/or ongoing assessment of your sales team’s performance.



  1. D Scott Karnedy is one of those rare executives that is both a top level strategist as well as a remarkable manager and leader.   I was fortunate to have D as my CRO during my tenure as CEO of Premier Retail Networks, a Technicolor company. During that time, he attracted top sales talent, and consistently beat the companies revenue expectations. More importantly, D was extremely thorough and strategic and both a global and account level in what was an unusually complex environment that involved the retailer, advertiser and platform technology.  I am thrilled that D has agreed to work with me again as I start a new short-form video venture specifically design for brand marketing, where he has already greatly influenced the technology, strategy and designed our market entry.
    1. Richard Fisher – Founder CEO / Podiuum
  2. I courted D to be a strategic advisor to the company, which he agreed, and over the next four years we grew SoloHealth from a few hundred store concept to a national presence.  Today we are in almost 4,000 locations, screen more than 35 million people each year, and provide unique, world class products for our brand marketing clients.  D’s strategic guidance allowed us to not only drive real value for our clients, and accelerate our growth but allowed us to avoid costly mistakes along the way.  D has become a trusted advisor for our company, a friend and mentor for me, and a true partner.  I cannot say enough great things about D’s business instinct, acumen and general approach to the market.  He is really top notch and a fantastic resource for both large and small organizations.
    1. Stephen Kendig, COO – SoloHealth
  3. Its one thing to sell and another to lead and quite another to scale. D Scott Karnedy is a world-class executive who has repeatedly created success at every step of the sales process and helped his companies get the performance they deserve.
    1. Vince Thompson, Managing Partner Middleshift Inc.
  4. Valhalla Advisors provides a strategic, disciplined approach to revenue acceleration creating a unique competitive advantage for our members.  D. Scott Karnedy and his team provide proven, tactical client management tools for prioritizing prospecting activity, understanding customer expectations, discerning solutions from products, and managing operational design and execution to efficiently close deals. D. brings 30 years of metric driven practices and experiences with world class sales organizations such as  XM Satellite Radio, AOL ,CBS, and Clear Channel to our CEO members and their organizations looking to ramp up their start ups and speed ups.
    1. Daron Shepard – Vistage International, Inc.
  5. When we started working with D., our entire business structure was about about finding the next client. We had never thought about implementing a strategic plan of action that would allow us to plan 6 – 12 months in advanced. He changed the way we thought about our business, provided us with concrete tools and integrated them into our daily operations. He’s constantly checking in to make sure things are running smoothly and all of this work has allowed me to stop worrying and spend more time actually doing my job.
    1. Adam Scher – Operation:CMYK
  6. D’s custom process of analyzing the business and prioritizing goals was a gamechanger for us.  Not only was the experience a huge “light bulb” turning on, but we us his consistently in our internal conversations and meetings.  As a creatively focused business (and people), it was hard for us to stick to traditional business structures. With D’s process, we have completely changed our ways and our business has been growing ever since.
    1. Chris Langer – Operation:CMYK