How To Hire The Right Salespeople?

When it comes time to hiring new salespeople, how do you determine which candidates are right for your organization? There are many factors that can contribute to a successful or unsuccessful hire, and many of those can be spotted during the search process. You simply need to know what to look for and how to… View Article

Strategic Account Management – Managing Your Costs

In a world of innovative automation, business owners strategize their spending to remain effective stewards of their finances. The basic rule of thumb is to assure accountability for your organization while utilizing its internal assets to maintain budgetary constraints. A strategic financial partner maintains effective use of company resources. However, an owner keeps a close… View Article

Best Practices for Strategic Account Management

A strategic account plan is a comprehensive knowledge base that influences strategy and drives tactics. In many ways, it’s the knowledge-based program that makes you more relevant as a supplier to your client. It’s one of the most challenging responsibilities of a Strategic Account Manager. A strategic account plan is not necessarily a long document…. View Article

Three Ways Great Sales Organizations Are Killing It

When it comes to sales organizations, some are killing it, while others flounder. What sets apart the studs from the duds? And what can your team do to stand out from the crowd? Why not copy what some of the great sales organizations are doing, such as… Don’t be afraid to stretch quotas each year… View Article

What Makes Sales Organizations Effective?

Sales organizations are important because they can either have a positive or negative impact on one’s business. In order for a business to be successful, an effective sales organization must be incorporated into the business process. The role of a sales organization is to monitor sale transactions, sell and distribute products, and negotiate terms of… View Article

Sales For Start Ups – How To Plan For Revenue Acceleration

The media business is in a golden age of opportunity if you have the creative energy to provide a unique and valuable service. However, you are likely to find, as many have before you, that you also need to have a strategic plan for selling so that you build up a pipeline of future revenues…. View Article

Proven Approaches to Sales Performance – Increases Sales with Follow-Up Calls

Salespeople have many ways to improve sales productivity. The problem is that many don’t utilize these methods at all or don’t use them correctly. Following up after all sales is a proven approach to sales performance and repeat business. After making your first sale with a new customer, you need to stay in contact. By… View Article

Top Characteristics of High-Performing Sales Organizations

So, you own a business that’s dependent on sales and now you’re wondering how you can turn it into a high-performing sales organization. This really isn’t as difficult as you’d think. What you must do is look at a list of characteristics of great sales organizations and try to emulate them in your own business…. View Article

How to Build High Performance Sales Organizations?

Building a high performance sales organization is important for your company’s success, but it’s not an easy task. You need skills, but you also need the people who work for you to know how to do their jobs as well. While this is easily said, what is it that actually high-performing sales organizations are doing… View Article

How to Create a Smart Marketing Plan?

One of the main reasons why businesses concentrate on marketing efforts is to create awareness in the market, which promotes higher sales and profits. Investing in an appropriate marketing plan pays off handsomely, and here is how you ensure you are building a concept that will help you realize the most. Focus on your target… View Article