Building a high performance sales organization is important for your company’s success, but it’s not an easy task. You need skills, but you also need the people who work for you to know how to do their jobs as well. While this is easily said, what is it that actually high-performing sales organizations are doing that average and under-performing sales organizations aren’t?

According to Steve W. Martin, author of “The Sales Organization Performance Study Report,” there are 15 key differences here. Some of the main differences lie in how they perceive themselves, staff and run their organizations, and measure their performance. They based this tracking on individual sales categories (e.g. software, cloud, hardware, telecommunications, etc.).

Many things (e.g. percentage of salespeople achieving their quota; length of the average sales cycle and order size therein; average annual quota; average on-target earnings each year) are continually changing with these sales organizations. One of the biggest changes, though, is 46% of Martin’s survey participants shifted from a field sales model to an inside sales model while only 21% shifted from an inside sales model to a field sales model.

Regardless of any shifts in your organization or how you’re doing things, there are three key skill sets the sales leaders in top performing sales organizations all have in common. These include:

  • Sales management (e.g. sales intuition, sales forecasting, management styles, working with the styles of your other team members, good hiring practices, communication skills, motivating employees by offering incentives, handling challenges and obstacles)
  • Mentoring (e.g. strategies for beating out your competition, coaching on sales tactics, help assessing accurate information, training in various strategies)
  • Best practices (e.g. evaluating the skills of your salespeople, developing salespeople, motivational techniques, quota attainment, conducting effective sales meetings, forecasting strategies, how various parts of the sales funnel are interconnected, inspecting deals, mitigating risk)

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