Salespeople have many ways to improve sales productivity. The problem is that many don’t utilize these methods at all or don’t use them correctly. Following up after all sales is a proven approach to sales performance and repeat business.

After making your first sale with a new customer, you need to stay in contact. By continuing to build and nurture your relationships, you increase the chances of repeat sales. There are many ways to stay in touch with customers. The methods you use often depend on what strategies work best with those in your industry.

Sending emails is probably the simplest way to send  personalized messages to customers. In your emails you can suggest related products and services that might also be of use to your customers in solving problems. Another type of email to send out is announcements about new product launches, sales and discounts on current products and services. The idea of is to send relevant information that is of use to your customers.

Making phone calls is another way to stay in touch, but should be kept to acceptable limits. Most people perceive phone calls as more intrusive than emails. Probably the first call you make should occur a week or two after the initial sale. You want to call customers and get feedback on the purchase. Ask customers how the purchase is working out and if they have any questions or concerns. All phone calls have to be brief and to the point.

You can also keep in touch with customers through blogging, sending company newsletter, posting on Facebook or tweeting. All of these methods are ways to keep your company’s products and services in the minds of your customers. It really doesn’t matter which methods you use to build relationships with customers as long as you continue to follow up after every sale.

Most salespeople know that is takes less time and effort to sell to existing customers than it is to sell to new prospects.To increase sales, you have to work towards getting repeat sales after the initial sale. This is actually the best use of your time as a salesperson. Your customers already know and trust you and your company so you spend less effort selling to them. You then have the time to close sales with new leads which makes you more productive. By following up with every customer, you have more opportunities to make sales. For more information on improving sales performance, contact us today.