The media business is in a golden age of opportunity if you have the creative energy to provide a unique and valuable service. However, you are likely to find, as many have before you, that you also need to have a strategic plan for selling so that you build up a pipeline of future revenues. Building a business is more than handling events as they happen; it is crucial that you plan for the future with a strategy that drives sales to deliver growing revenue.

Proactive Revenue Acceleration

Lack of strategy and preparation is likely to lead to poor performance when sales do start to come in, causing you to oscillate between states of overwork and no work repeatedly, or you will just miss the one vital opportunity and then lose the business. So, preparation and strategic sales planning are non-optional, even when your business is pre-revenue. Lesson: Better prior planning is the difference between fulfilled orders and chaos.

Solutions In Strategic Sales Planning

The process of developing a plan for revenue acceleration is simple in principle but much more complicated in practice, the details of delivering excellent service confront founders at every stage. Fortunately, these are challenges that other enterprises have met and overcome before, and you can have the benefit of a guide in the form of a certified facilitator who will work with you to develop the plan for your business.

Whether your company is a startup or an established business looking to refresh your capabilities, Valhalla Media Advisors specializes in helping media startups succeed through sales planning and disciplined execution that drive revenue growth and deliver market share to the media companies of the future. Feel free to contact us to find out more.